Monday, 24 May 2010

Getting the hang of it now

I thought i would add a few more cards to my blog today.
These are just a selection of some of the cards i have recently made.
Need to get lots of practise on how to add  to my blog quickly and easily
so that it becomes second nature to me.
Then when i come to do a tutorial i will know what i am doing.
Thanks for stopping by and having a look.


  1. Hi Janey. Good luck with your Blog. It will be great to have somewhere to see your work all in one place and to learn from your Tuts.

  2. Great cards again
    the image on Bobby's card. Thanks also for leaving me a comment on my blog.

  3. Hiya Janey , Lovely blog , gorgeous cards , you have made me go back into my blog , really can remember the last time I was there , I really have neglected an awful lot of things in my life , especially in the last six months ,
    shame on me xxxx

  4. Fab blog Janey well done love all your cards

    Pat aka Handy xx

  5. my gran is the best crafter in the universe and she makes the best cards ever.

    I love her sooo much!!! xxx

  6. That comment was written by Lauren Janey Hodson